We have been eating Vets Choice for over 7 yrs and Molly’s two litters of puppies were started on it when they were old enough. It never varies in quality, very high quality food. We have been aked many times at shows what product we use on the girls coats, answer is always the same “nothing, it is the from the fantastic food that they eat”.

Judee Burrell

Stopped in today! Love this place!!!

Janine Pechenko Smith

Great place to take your dog!! …very knowledgable and provided a great experience.

Koren Rubino Kinney

Stopped in for the first time today! LOTS of great stuff there!!! Will be going back soon!!!!!! Great place!

Marlys Delaney

Amazing place to do business!!! we at Lost Pawz look forward to doing much more business with you in the near future

Donelle Lainhart

I had my first visit to Eupawria yesterday… very knowledgeable about good nutrition for both my dog and cats as well as the ingredients of products there. I love this store and look forward returning soon.

Diane Mason

Amazing selection, with a very friendly atmosphere, that really knows their stuff. Highly recommended for anyone that’s looking for the best for their companion!

Steven Voorhees

I just stopped in for the first time today and I will certainly be going back! Very knowledgeable about all of their products and very helpful and friendly!

Briana Winters

I was in the other day picking up some Orijen food for our dog and you recommended some Bison Bites for our Alaskan Malamute, and she LOVES them!! Thanks so much! Glad to have a local business around that carries the food we love!

Quinn R

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